Webinar: Cyber Threats and Disaster Recovery after Hurricane Harvey

The devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey across large areas in Texas will continue to live long after the waters have receded. How are enterprises, small businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations prepared for the disruption caused by Harvey?

If anything, Harvey is a stark reminder that all organizations need to have a disaster preparedness and business continuity plans in place to help with recovery from major natural catastrophes.

Join this interactive panel as we discuss:
– The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
– Impact on cybersecurity and how to avoid falling for a Harvey cyber scam
– Need for business continuity and disaster recovery planning
– Recommendations for crafting the right BCDR strategy and enabling recovery following a disaster

Even if you have not been effected by Hurricane Harvey, learn from those that have.

Live online Sep 12 11:00 am United States – PST – 2:00 PM EST
or view after to access the on demand recording 60 mins

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