Cloud Backup


Meet CloudBackup

CloudBackup is our newest cloud product, covering backup and storage of business data in the cloud. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful capabilities, CloudBackup is the backup method of choice for businesses.


CloudBackup offers organizations of all sizes full management of their backup solution. This means that businesses can count on monitoring, reliability and security of the cloud service, and receive 25x7x365 support.

Data Access

The CloudBackup solution enables online access to business files, meaning that an organization can access its critical information from anywhere, at any time. Backups are stored in a remote, cloud location that is accessible to authorized users with their credentials and Internet access.

Backup Schedule

With CloudBackup, businesses have a couple options. They can either schedule backups ahead of time, or change the setting to back up all changed or new files instantly. The business has control over its this and can decide based on their unique needs and schedule.


CloudBackup ensures secure backup of a business’ data to the cloud. This includes encryption of data in flight and at rest. The data will reside in virtual servers within Tier 3 Class 1 data centers equipped with the best physical and network security measures available.


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