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CloudDesktop is RapidScale’s managed Desktop as a Service solution for business. Businesses can move their desktop environments to the cloud space and access powerful computing resources anywhere, at any time.


CloudOffice is RapidScale’s “Cloud-In-A-Box” solution that ties together four core cloud services: Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Hosted Microsoft Exchange.


CloudMail is RapidScale’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution. It’s offered in two flavors: Enterprise, or Multi-Tenant.


CloudServer is RapidScale’s managed Infrastructure as a Service solution for business. Businesses can access virtual servers that provide powerful computing resources.


CloudBackup is RapidScale’s newest cloud product, covering backup and storage of business data in the cloud.


CloudRecovery is RapidScale’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution. An organization that encounters a disaster without disaster recovery in place runs the risk of going out of business.

rapid-scale cloud

Solutions Overview

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Globally Connected Network
N+1 Redundant HVAC systems
Fire suppression systems
Circulated and filtered air
Enterprise-grade facilities
Fully redundant
Five locations with more coming soon

Compliance and Performance

Proper controls for your compliance needs

HIPAA compliant
PCI compliant
Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
FedRAMP compliant


Tier 3 data centers
Credential-limited access
Key card protocols
Biometric scanning systems
Digital surveillance and recording
Secured cages
Bulletproof glass

Our Services

We have one core focus and concern: the client experience. We want to ensure that our customers’ cloud services are running efficiently and, most of all, have 100% up-time. We enable this through the most advanced and secure cloud infrastructure and platform available.


Our cloud solutions make it easy for companies to enhance and improve their employees’ efficiency with BYOD capabilities, streamlined upgrades and updates, and much more.

Great Performance

With our enterprise-grade infrastructure you’ll be able to rely on an exceptional experience, no matter your business size.

24x7x365 Support

Our “We Care” support includes on-demand access to our knowledge base plus constant access to our U.S.-based support team.

Cost Efficiency

By moving your costs from upfront capital expenses plus management, upgrades, replacements, fixes, etc., to a predictable monthly expense, cloud costs are stable and predictable.

Works Everywhere

Use any device from anywhere in the world to access your virtual environment. As long as it connects to the Internet, you can always connect to your services and data.

Best-of-Breed Technology

We purchase top-of-the-line hardware and software, which means that your business can run on exceptional infrastructure without having to invest, maintain, and replace it.

What are Managed Cloud Services?

We offer a full suite of cloud solutions, but one of the most unique aspects of our services is our managed option. This means that our team of cloud experts will manage everything from the infrastructure to end-user devices and everything in between. Some of our managed cloud options include updates, troubleshooting, patches, application licensing management, Active Directory integration and configuration, and much more. It’s our biggest differentiator and it’s what makes RapidScale’s cloud services the best option for businesses looking to go to the cloud.

Global Presence

RapidScale owns cages in multiple data centers in global locations to continue delivering exceptional services and support to clients worldwide. These data centers also support disaster recovery and business continuity, protecting data and its availability during outages or other data center failures. We own and operate our cloud platform end-to-end while focusing on delivering quality services that offer an unsurpassed client experience.

Security Experts

By working with RapidScale, you are working with dedicated professionals with expertise in security and compliance, which is not always the case with in-house staff. We have multiple security measures in place in each data center, and will continue to provide customers with service offerings to meet increased security and compliancy requirements today and in the future.
Cost Efficiency

Moving to the cloud tends to be a much more cost-effective option than managing an on-premises server room. With an on-site solution, you have to build from the ground up and handle maintenance, administration and management costs. Cloud computing, on the other hand, takes no time to get started, eliminates the bulk of the costs thanks to affordable subscription plans, frees up your staff to work on other projects, and offers rapid scalability.
Platform Partners

RapidScale’s cloud platform is built on enterprise-grade technology featuring world-class suppliers including NetApp, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Fortinet, and more. Businesses can expect consistent quality of infrastructure and security from all of RapidScale’s data center locations. With strategic platform partnerships in place, RapidScale continues to be on the forefront meeting client needs.

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