Special Discounted Security Penetration Test – Limited Time Offer

Datasecurit and ViaWest are now offering a free initial consultation, and a Special Discount on a custom Via-West Security Engineer Developed – Penetration Test – to Identify Vulnerabilities in Your Network.

97% of organizations have been breached at least once, and nearly 70%
of cyber-attacks go undetected.

What’s more alarming is that 52% of organizations that suffered a successful cyber-attack in 2016, aren’t making any changes to their security in 2017 !

As the number of threats and the intelligence of attacks continue to evolve, a security strategy needs to be treated as an
investment that is continuously reviewed, monitored and updated.

The penetration test includes:
• A review of network architecture
• An enumeration of identified attack vectors
• An attempt of manual and automated execution of all identified vulnerabilities

This Test Serves to Identify all Critical or High Risk Vulnerabilities

A documented report of penetration test findings will be produced for the organization, including prioritization of highest risks and recommendations for mitigation of identified vulnerabilities.

During the testing phase, ViaWest will regularly communicate with your organization throughout the assessment and present findings and recommendations upon the conclusion of the test.

Don’t wait to improve your security posture, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation discuss your technology environment, and explore our pen test offer.

Call us at 1-401-788-0902 OR PENTEST@DATASECURIT.com.*

*Offer is valid through August 31, 2017.

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