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DatasecuriT offers Consulting, System Integration & Support services that spans the entire spectrum of what todays Cloud Enabled and Carrier Connected organizations need.

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DatasecuriT aligns with industry leading technology companies to provide our customers with an all-inclusive set of solutions. The DatasecuriT team is well versed on our partners’ products and services, providing us with the ability to deploy a skilled team of business and technical experts for a comprehensive variety of business applications and technology deployments.

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DatasecuriT guides client enterprises from the Creation Stage to reaping Business Value by providing practical and industry specific road maps throughout the Cloud and Carrier Value Chain. Our wide array of capabilities are tailored to improving organizational process, and operational aspects of an Enterprise through the intelligent application of effective technology.

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Datasecurit' is a Full Service Cloud and Carrier Independent Agency based in Rhode Island with both Local and National Service Coverage.


At DatasecuriT', we have a culture that strives to to understand our customers’ needs and bringing in value adds at every step of our relationship. .


Our superior customer service focus is geared to anticipate future needs of our clients, with ongoing education for optimum knowledge transfer.


DatasecuriT can handle a single application focus such as security, or multiple applied solutions even from multiple vendors, we scale.

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The dynamic advancements of Cloud and Carrier Technologies are rapidly moving targets with constantly changing options
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Security Alert: Apple computers can be easily broken into right now

Apple computers can be easily broken into with a few simple key presses, security researchers have found. A vulnerability in the way the operating system uses passwords means that they can be simply bypassed by anyone, on practically any computer. Warnings about the bug have been shared by computing experts including Edward Snowden, who...

36% Of Govt Websites Fail ‘Important’ Security Tests

Analysts who studied hundreds of federal websites found more than one-third did not have security measures to prevent hackers from intercepting visitors’ sensitive information or redirecting traffic to malicious phishing websites. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a science and tech policy think tank, released a report Monday that said hundreds of federal...

Intel announces RARE MAJOR vulnerability in firmware

Millions of computers could be remotely hijacked through bug in firmware code. Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool See the Official Intel Security Advisory 00086      

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